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Located at the north coats of Pinar del Rio, this small key is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet unspoiled beach with clear waters. The trip to this remote spot gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a Cuban natural environment, and the key itself is also a good diving spot where coral reefs have become home to a diversity of marine life. 

There are no accommodations facilities on the island and there is only 1 restaurant, specialized in seafood dishes.

90 km from Pinar del Rio City, driving along the road towards Minas de Matahambre. (65 km north of Viñales) The key is connected to mainland with a 5 km causeway over the sea.
Getting there and moving around: 

From Viñales you can get a day excursion that includes transportation and a light meal lunch for 22 CUC. Transfer buses depart from Pinar del Rio city, organized by Havanatur. But if you prefer to have full flexibility and explore as much as possible the area, we do recommend renting a car.

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