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Cayo Levisa - Perfect beach
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With its 3 kilometers of excellent beaches, Cayo Levisa is one of the main attractions in Pinar del Rio Province. The key is a great option for diving lovers because of his big coral reef. This spot is atractive for visitors who simply want to take a swim in a wonderful beach with clear waters.

Cayo Levisa is known because of its rich marine environment, with a big coral reef inhabited by a wide diversity of mollusk, gorgonian, crustaceans, sponges, and fish species. The area is inhabited also by trigonias, which is considered the oldest living fossil in Cuba.

The separation from the main land gives this spot a relative isolation, perfect for relaxing and peace seeker.

The key has basic accommodations facilities at Cayo Levisa Hotel beside of an idyllic white sand beach, perfect for the visitor that gives more value to  the nature  beauty than the luxury of the hotel.

The diving center in Cayo Levisa organizes several courses in different specialties for amateurs and professional divers hold by International certified experts.

The Marina at the key offers:

Scuba diving (gear and transportation to the site) – 35 CUC per immersion
Snorkeling plus gear – 12 CUC


Northern coast of Pinar del Rio, 30 minutes by boat from Palma Rubia.
Getting there and moving around: 

Boat departure from Palma Rubia
10 :00 and 18:00 everyday.

Boat return from Cayo Levisa 
09:00 and  17:00  everyday

One way – 10 CUC
Round trip – 25 CUC

Day excursions can be booked from Viñales: 29 CUC (including lunch and boat trip)

If you prefer to have full flexibility and explore as much as possible the area, we do recommend hiring a car.

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