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It is the province with the lowest population density in the country, with only 500 000 in 6910 square km. Ciego de Avila is also the province with the best soil in Cuba, with more than 70 % of high quality soil.
The province has also large reserves of waters, with several lakes and underground waters. The most popular of them are La Leche Lagoon and La Redonda Lake.
The main city of the province is also called Ciego de Avila, founded in 1840, marked by the predominance in their construction of the portal, neoclassical columns and Creole tiles.
The King´s Garden Archipielago, the Main Theater; completed in 1927 and considered by its acoustics among the best of the Island; the Church of San Eugenio de la Palma, patron of the city, the House of Culture, the Art Gallery, Villa Oasis, the Bioplants Center, La Redonda lagoon; where operates an international center for trout fishing, La Leche lagoon; the traditional home of the annual water carnival of Morón and recently included among the scenarios of the world championship Formula speedboats T-1 are among the main attractive sights in this province, with rich cultural traditions.

What you must visit...

Beaches and natural attractions

Archipelago Jardines del Rey (King´s Garden)

Located north of Ciego de Avila, it is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Cuba. It has over 30 miles of pristine unspoiled beaches and a spectacular seabed, protected by the second largest coral reef in the world, with scenic and environmental values ​​and a well-preserved tropical ecosystems. It was baptized as Jardines del Rey around1514 by Diego Velazquez.

The main islets are Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Paredon...

Cuban attraction

With only 4 square kilometres of dimension and surrounded by mangroves, this lake hosts the highest population density of bass and trout in Cuba.  This quality makes this lake an attractive spot for fishing lovers, where visitors can book from 4 to 8 hours fishing excursions with boat at rates between 30 CUC and 70 CUC.

Cuban attraction

This natural reserve with 5000 hectares is a protected spot for a wide diversity of flora and fauna including unique bird species like Tocororo (Cuban National bird) and Zun Zun.

With a top altitude of 364 meters over the sea levels, it marks the highest point in the mainly flat landscape of Ciego de Avila Province.

The park has a small network of hiking trails, which are perfect for nature and bird watching lovers.

Cuban attraction

With its 66 square kilometres, La Laguna de la Leche is the biggest natural lake in Cuba and it is located 3 km from Moron city. This lake is a natural refugee for many different types of birds and among them are the pink flamingos.

The lake is the venue of water sports events every year.