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 It’s a unique experience created by the special atmosphere of being in a river inside a mountain. The cave has fantastic wide galleries in which you can get a ride with a boat.

 This popular cave is crossed by the San Vicente River and it was used by the Cuban aborigines that lived in the area.  During the rain season (May-October) you can admire a small waterfall inside the cave, when the water falls from the upper gallery to the lowest one.

Viñales valley. 5.5 km north of Viñales village.
Getting there and moving around: 

This site is included in most of the excursions to Viñales that can be booked at hotels in Havana.
From Viñales you can take a taxi or simply rent a bike to get to this spot. You can also rent a car

Openning Hours: 
Daily 09:00 – 17:30
Admission and other fees: 

Entrance fee 5 cuc.

In Discovering Cuba?: 
It's not a relevant attraction

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