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Beaches and natural attractions

Cuban attraction

This 500 meters long beautiful beach has a unique layout created by the combination of its white sand coastline surrounded by green high hills.

Its clear waters have ideal conditions for swimming and diving activities with a sea bottom inhabited by coral beds with an attractive diversity of small colourful fishes and other species.

Beside Jibacoa it is located the camping El Abra, with a diving centre that offers courses for...

Cuban attraction

Located in Jaruco municipality, Mayabeque province, this known park among residents in Havana occupies an area of 18 km2, with elevations up to 350 meters.

These wooded hills have a very rich flora composed by a wide variety of species, some of them endemic like manují larkspur, guairaje, platanillo of Cuba and white oak.

The topography of the area supports a diverse fauna composed by several species of birds (Including endemics...

Cuban attraction

Located west of Havana city in an area called Baracoa (not Baracoa in Guantanamo), it is a small and very popular beach among the local residents during the summer. This beach got its name because of the levels of salt concentrations on its waters, which is probably higher than other beaches in Cuba, due to the natural coastline conditions on the area.

Cuban attraction

Located west of Havana, this small beach is visited only by locals, who live on this area. In summer it gets very crowded but the rest of the year it is mainly deserted.

Cuban attraction

More than 10 km of beaches with white sand and palm trees, stretching from Bacuranao to Guanabo. They are located only 20 minutes from Havana city, and are a great opportunity to escape from the city and enjoy a swim in clear sea waters.

In spite of the proximity to the city, these beaches have a few numbers of hotels, so you can find plenty places where it is possible to enjoy a peaceful day lying under the tropical sun beside of the...

Varadero beach

It’s the most famous of the Cuban beaches and it’s considered the Cuba’s tourist Mecca.

The beach is located in a Peninsula called Hicacos; which is the northern point of the Island of Cuba. Varadero has 20 km of white sand beaches and a high developed infrastructure composed by hotels, night clubs, restaurants, golf area, different type of entertainment facilities and even an international airport.

Cuban attraction

Located 3 km off the highway between Matanzas and Varadero, it is a nice and cheap opportunity for snorkelling activities without using a boat to sail offshore.

The coastline in this area is inhabited by several hundred species of fishes and the clear waters offer a great visibility.

The local natural reserve called Laguna la Maya, offers guide services and rents out snorkelling equipments.

Cuban attraction

Located at the south coast of Matanzas, it is one of the attractions of Cienaga de Zapata National Park. This beautiful beach on the Caribbean Sea, with its white sand and blue turquoise waters, is a paradise for swimming and diving activities.

Cuban attraction

Located on the way from Matanzas city to Varadero, it is one of the deepest rivers in Cuba. The fantastic view of the river that flows between two hills and the beautiful colour of its waters, make and idyllic place to spend the day swimming, snorkelling, ridding a horse or simply enjoying a boat tour.
One of the main attractions of the area is the Saturno cave, which is covered by clear waters and represents a unique place for swimming...

Cuban attraction

Discovered in 1861, these 2500 long caves are made of crystalline formations and a great amount of stalagmites and stalactites. You will descend 159 steps in order to reach the main galleries, considered the deepest of its kind in Cuba.

The caves have 17 galleries and 6 corridors, and the grounds of some of them are covered with crystal waters. The tour will cover a distance of 1500 meters.