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Beaches and natural attractions

Cuban attraction

With a fantastic landscape, the vegetation and the peaceful silence, the valley provides a great opportunity to escape from the stress of the modern life.

The valley is also an interesting archaeological and biological site.

Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata

It is the Cuba’s largest wildest wetland with 452 000 hectares and one of the most important natural reserves. This wetland has been recognized as an endemism area for birds and it provides habitat for the Cuban crocodile.

Zapata has one of the most significant forest areas in Cuba and in the whole Caribbean, which make it an important biographic unit. Its exuberant flora has more than 900 species autochthonous plants, 115 of them are...

Cuban attraction

In this 300 meters cave were discovered at the beginig of the 60 ́s, drawings made by the Cuban aborigines who lived in this area before the European arrival.

The drawings that have a lot of similarity to the ones founded in Isla de la Juventud, are believed to be a type of solar calendar.

Cuban attraction

In the protected area of Varadero, Matanzas Province, it is found the Sendero de los Musulmanes (Path of the Muslims), a unique combination of hills and caves, making it a typical garden of the town.

This spot owes its name to the presence of Cuban smugglers that called themselves Muslims, in the mid-nineteenth century. They took advantage of the dense lattice of plants of over a hundred species that linked to the cave and the slopes,...

Laguna del Tesoro and Villa Guama

It got the name of Treasure lagoon due to an old legend of a treasure that aborigines had thrown into its waters before the Spanish arrival. The four meters deep natural reservoir of fresh waters which covers an area of 900 hectares has at the east side a reproduction of a Taino (Cuban aborigine group) village, called Guama, which is one of the most known tourist attraction in Cuba.

This tourist resort built on small islands has...

Cuban attraction

This well known resort is an obligated stop in most or all of the excursions to Cienaga de Zapata. Here visitors have the opportunity to see the local species of crocodiles, hold one of them for a picture and even taste dishes made with crocodile meat.

From here visitors can take boat tours through the canals leading to the Laguna del Tesoro (Treasure lagoon) and visit the resort called Villa Guama.

Cuban attraction

This diving center is the best in Varadero area and it offers diving excursions and courses and rents out services of diving and snorkelling equipment.

To reach the diving spots, the center has three boats with a total capacity for 70 divers.


Cuban attraction

This diving center is the second biggest in Varadero area and offers diving excursions and rents out services of diving and snorkelling equipment.

The center offers transfer services to the south coast of the province when weather condition makes impossible diving in Varadero area.


Cuban attraction

The most important keys are Santa Maria, Cayo Frances and Las Brujas.

The keys provide the opportunity to see a great diversity of flora and fauna, including some of the species who are endemic from this area. You can see some of the largest colonies of flamingos, among other species like iguanas, amphibian mollusc, shrike bird, reptiles, jutias and seagulls. One of the most significant birds in these keys is the Tocororo, a colourful...

Cuban attraction

Close to the Escambray mountain range, this artificial lake offers one of the most fantastic natural views in Villa Clara. Inspite of having the biggest hydroelectric generation station in Cuba, the lake is an important natural reservoir with several species of fish including an important population of largemouth bass.

This natural reservoir supports a large number of bird species including wild duck, quail and pheasants among others...