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Founded in 1519 by Diego Velazquez, it was moved twice until it got the place that occupies today.

It has been the Cuban capital since the middle of the 16th century, and on its strategic harbour all the Spanish ships used to stop full of gold and silver, to get protection from the pirate’s attacks and the big tropical storms.

All this traffic made Havana one of the most developed and fortified at that time in the continent.

Today Havana is the smallest, but the most populated of the Cuban provinces, with approximately 2 200 000 inhabitants. The city has the most important industry concentration in the country and through its harbour come and go half of the imports and exports of the country.

Havana is a rich architectonical city, where you can admire houses and buildings from the XVI century styles in Old Havana to the modern styles in neighbourhoods like Vedado. Havana is a city with a very special atmosphere, created by its majestic and diverse architecture, its people and its location by the sea.

“Who visit Havana once, always wants to come back”

What you must visit...

Beaches and natural attractions

Cuban attraction

More than 10 km of beaches with white sand and palm trees, stretching from Bacuranao to Guanabo. They are located only 20 minutes from Havana city, and are a great opportunity to escape from the city and enjoy a swim in clear sea waters.

In spite of the proximity to the city, these beaches have a few numbers of hotels, so you can find plenty places where it is possible to enjoy a peaceful day lying under the tropical sun beside of the...