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It is the fourth largest Cuban province with more than 9300 km2, and a population of 1 013 600 inhabitants. Despite of the industrial development in the province, 25 % of its territory is covered by forest with 30 % of the Cuba’s endemic vegetable species.
The main economic supports are the sugar industry and the nickel and cobalt industries. At the limits of the Province is located Bariay, the place where Christopher Columbus landed on October 27, 1492. When he stepped on Cuban coast for the first time, impressed by the beauty of its beaches and lush vegetation, uttered a phrase that has been remembered to this day: "It's the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen”.
Holguin has 14 municipalities and the capital of the province is Holguin city, founded in 1525 by the Spanish Captain Garcia Holguin. Its appearance is dominated by urban parks, that is why it is known by Cubans as "The City of Parks"