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Located in the mountain group called Sierra del Rosario, this complex is one of the best examples of suitable development in Cuba. In this magnificent spot for nature lovers, it is possible to explore mountain trails, enjoy the beauty of the Cuban nature and swim in crystal clear water rivers.

In 1985, due to the diversity of its flora and fauna this beautiful area was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The complex provides some of the best hikes in Cuba with highly trained guides for prices between 15 CUC and 25 CUC per person.  These hikes provide the opportunity to visit spots like waterfalls, bird watch sites, and coffee estate ruins among others. Hikes can be booked at Oficinas del Complejo, close to the Hotel la Moka.

Visiting this complex provides also the opportunity to get in touch and learn about the culture and life style of the local community, which is unique in Cuba.

At this area you can also find the ruins of the first coffee plantation built in Cuba at the beginning of the 19th century .The oldest of them is Cafetal Buenavista, built in 1801 by a French refugee from Haiti and restored some years ago. Here you can appreciate part of the techniques used in the coffee production with slave workforces two centuries ago.
Other coffee estate ruins you can visit in the area are Hacienda Union, La Cañada del infierno. Santa Serafina, el Content and San Idelfonso.

The reserve is crossed by the San Juan river (Rio San Juan) which has fantastic natural pools with clear crystal waters, perfect for an unforgettable refreshing swim in a natural environment.
Close to the river you can find facilities like a restaurant, changing rooms, showers and few overnights cabins.

Visitors have also the alternative to swim in Baños del Bayate, at Rio Bayate (Bayate river) which has similar natural qualities than Rio San Juan.

If you decide to spend several days in the complex, you can stay at the eco-resort hotel called la Moka, built in 1992.

Other main attractions in the complex are:

  • To taste Maria coffee
  • To take a canopy tour

For more information, we suggest you to visit the website

Km 51 Autopista a Pinar del Rio. 79 km West from Havana.
Getting there and moving around: 

Excursions can be booked at agencies represented in most of the hotels in Havana.Otherwise, if you prefer to have more flexibility, we recommend to rent a car.

Admission and other fees: 

Admission fee to the reserve: 3 CUC per person
Admission to the pools in the San Juan River: 4 CUC per person
Admission to the pools in the Rio Bayate: 4 CUC per person

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