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The Cruise Company, Cuba Cruise, has announced they will expand the ports of arriving to Cuba.

"Many Canadians feel they know Cuba too, but our customers will be the first to enjoy some of the most interesting and beautiful landscapes and destinations in the country. We are expecting to share these treasured places, as Guayabo waterfalls in Holguín, and the historically rich center of afro-Cuban culture in Santiago de Cuba. Each destination of this itinerary is full of hidden treasures for our guests to discover” the company stated.
The price of the travels to Cuba in a cruise, by the company Cuba Cruise, will be of 586 Canadian dollars. The cruises will arrive at the ports of Havana, Holguín and Cienfuegos. Some of these destinations never before received cruises but have been prepared to receive visitors of this Canadian line. In all destinations the company announces touristic activities that include visits to the beach and local bars.
The announcement of Cuba Cruise comes in the moment that the island is seeking ways to stimulate tourism after experiencing a reduction in so far this 2013. Canada is one of the main issuers of tourists to Cuba.

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