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Maria La Gorda Diving Center
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With its 8 km of fine white sand, it is a perfect spot to enjoy a swim in a peaceful environment with a big sense of privacy. Due to its exceptional natural condition, it has been rated as one of the top 10 dive sites with excellent clear water the whole year. The 50 most popular dive points have dozens of old wrecks including Spanish galleons, several caves (some of them dangerous), tunnels and drop off’s stretch. 

In terms of biodiversity, this is one of the most important marine areas in Cuba with an important population of gorgonian, sponges and the biggest colony of Black Coral (Antipathes spp) in the Cuba archipelago.

Today at the bottom of the sea it is still possible to find different types of objects that show the intensity of the pirate activity in this area centuries ago.

Diving activities in this area are organized by the Centro Internacional de Buceo (International Diving Center) located at the Gaviota Marina.



Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, westernmost area of Pinar del Rio Located 304 miles from Havana city, at Peninsula de Guanahacabibes.
Getting there and moving around: 

Transfer buses depart from Pinar del Rio city, organized by Havanatur.
The best way to get there is hiring a car.

Admission and other fees: 

Fees for diving activities

Daylight diving – 35 CUC
Night diving – 40 CUC
Equipment rental –7.50 CUC
Scuba Certification course (4 days)— 365 CUC
Snorkeling (using the boat) - 12 CUC
Deep-sea fishing (4 hours and up to 4 persons) - 200 CUC
Line fishing (up to 4 persons)- 30 CUC per person.

Here you can find accommodations facilities at the hotel located close to the Marina.

Fishing Activities

Deep-sea fishing (4 hours and up to 4 persons)- 200 CUC
Line fishing (up to 4 persons)- 30 CUC per person.

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