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Beaches and natural attractions

Cuban attraction

It is one of the most important mountain range in Cuba and the most important in the central part of the island. Its tallest summit called San Juan rises up to 1156 meters above the sea level..

This mountain range has an exuberant vegetation with a great diversity of flora and fauna species, which can be admired taking one of the organized excursions through the natural pathways on the area.

One of the most popular attractions...

Cuban attraction

It is formed by the Arimao  river before it flows into the bay and on here it is located  the Labyrinth of Los Naturales, Cayo Ocampo  and other smaller keys inside of the bay.

It is very popular because its mangrove swamps are great natural refugees for different species of animals, including a big colony of 2000 pink flamencos.

The area is also an important archaeological site of Cuban aborigine culture and the Cuban colonial...

Cuban attraction

It is located 18 km from Cienfuegos and is a nice option for a relaxing day in front of the Caribbean Sea. Here you can find ecotourism programs and different offers to practise water sports.