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The Polish airline LOT started direct charter flights to the tourist resort of Varadero, first pole of sunshine and beaches of Cuba, as it was reported by local media.

Flights, operated by Tours travel agency Rainbow, Tui and Cubanacan every fortnight and with a capacity for up to 250 passengers, will move travelers from Poland to Varadero during the peak tourist season on the island, until March 2014, as stated by the National Information Agency.
Cuba has flight connections to over 50 cities worldwide by 36 airlines, according to official data.
Varadero, located 140 kilometers east of Havana, has about 50 hotels and 20,229 rooms, and receives 25 percent of all flights arriving on the island, and since 2009, more than one million foreign tourists have chosen it every year for their holidays, according to reports from the Ministry of Tourism.
Tourism is the second chapter of hard currency for Cuba, which in 2012 raised more than 2,600 million dollars for this item and received 2.8 million foreign visitors from Canada, England, Germany, Italy and France as the main markets.
For the present year, the official forecasts estimate that it will be reached more than 3 million foreign visitors to the island.

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