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Although Cuba has eliminated many dangerous diseases, its climate favours the development of some tropical bacteria, virus and parasites that could affect you especially if you are coming from a different type of climate.
For that reason here we recommend you some measures to avoid them.

Health measures:
• Not to drink water from the sink
• To avoid the direct exposure to the sun without sun protection creams and be aware that some of the creams loose the effect after swimming or due to perspiration sweat.
• It is advisable to apply sun protection creams more than once, under sun exposure period.
• Be careful with the soft drinks you buy in small kiosk or cafeterias on the street, because they can be prepared with water from the sink.
• Always carry with you a bottle of water
• Do not buy beer or rum from people who sell them outside shops, restaurants or bars.
• If you buy vegetables or fruits, wash them before you eat them.
• If any animal bites you or scratches you, clean the wound with soap and water, and get in contact with the health authorities.
• To avoid possible damages caused by over exposure to the sun on the beach or swimming pools, we recommend being very careful with the sunbath between 10:00 and 15:00, especially in summer months( May- October)
• Select the correct sun protection cream that fits with your skin. Preferably with high factor.
• Do not swim at the sea on the Malecon area in Havana city, because the city pollution in these waters could cause several diseases.

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