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Soroa - Natural marvel
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This fantastic natural spot located in the heart of the Sierrra del Rosario, Biosphere Reserve, is known as the biggest orchids garden in Cuba. The great diversity of flora and fauna makes it a prefect spot to get in contact with an exotic mountain environment. 

Among this diversity you can find more that 100 species of ornamental trees, 20 species of tree palms and bamboo, 60 species of vines and more than 50 species of birds. Among this species is the Cuban National bird called Tocororo (priotelus temnurus), which has the colours of the Cuban flag.

The main rivers on the area called Rio Bayates and Rio Manatiales are known for their crystal- clear waters and for the beautiful rainbow that scatter the sun's rays on them when it rains.

This area has a rich history of coffee production, so today it is possible to find several ruins of French coffee plantations from the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Next to the Hotel and Villa Soroa, you will find the Orchideario Soroa, the largest orchid´s collection in Cuba, built by the Spanish lawyer Tomas Felipe Camacho in the late 40´s with 700 orchid species collected all over the world.

Down the road from the Orchideario, you can swim at the foot of the beautiful 22 m waterfalls called Salto del Arco Iris, recommended to visit specially during the rain season (May- October). And not so far from the falls you can take baths and massage treatments at the bathhouse with cold sulphurous waters pool, called Baños Romanos.


95 km West of Havana. Above Candelaria, Sierra del Rosario.
Getting there and moving around: 

Viazul bus from Havana to Viñales -> 10 CUC and bus transfer from Viñales to Soroa 12 CUC.
To take Viazul bus from Havana to Viñales and get off in Las Terrazas stop, and use a taxi to travel from Las Terrazas to Soroa.
It is possible to book excursions from agencies represented at hotels in Havana, but be aware of cancelations due to lack of bookings to the excursion.

Otherwise, if you prefer to have more flexibility, we recommend renting a car.

Openning Hours: 
Orchideario de Soroa 09.00- 16.00 Baños Romanos: 09.00- 16.00
Admission and other fees: 

Admission fee to Orchideario de Soroa: 3 CUC
Permission to use camera inside the Orchideario: 2 CUC
Admission fee to Baños Romanos: 5 CUC
Admission to Salto del Arco Iris: 3 CUC

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