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Free Import
The passenger over 18 years old is allowed to bring into the country:

  • 250 gr. of tobacco
  • 200 cigarettes
  • 50 cigars
  • 3 bottles of alcoholic beverages.
  • Max. 10 kg of medicines (brought in a separated baggage)
  • Personal items to be used during the stay in Cuba.
  • Wheelchairs, prothesis, baby carriage for the use of the travellers.
  • Medicines and cosmetic products for personal use.
  • 25 kg of miscellaneous articles considered personal belongings.
  • Amount of cash that does not exceed 5000 US Dollars (or the equivalent amount in other currencies).
  • Personal jewerly
  • Photo or video camera.
  • Mobile phone
  • Flash memories, Ipod’s, MP3 and MP4.

With customs declaration
Passenger can import goods up to a value of 1000 US Dollars subjected to customs duty payment.
Some articles like Portable Personal Computers are subjected to be registered by the customs personnel at arrival. The passenger will receive a copy of a document declaring the temporary import of the PC to the country.
When the passenger is leaving the country, he or she will be asked to deliver this document and show the article to the customs personnel in order to verify the re-exportation of the item.
There is no duty payment on this procedure.
If the traveller is importing permanently other articles besides of the personal items (or items not included in the list of Items Without Customs Declaration neither Prohibited Items), the Cuban customs will charge 100% worth the cost of the products declared by the traveller. In this situation the best option is to show the receipt that proves how much you had paid for the articles. Otherwise the customs will decide how much it is worth based in its own list of “Article values or costs”
Passengers importing to Cuba other articles in addition to their personal items must fill out a Customs Declaration providing all the information required in this document.
Customs Declaration must be presented if a passenger is carrying an amount in cash that exceed 5,000.00 US Dollars (or the equivalent amount in other currencies) when entering Cuba.
Cats, dogs and birds must be accompanied by a veterinarian (government) certificate of good health issued at the point of origin. Dogs must also be accompanied by a rabies inoculation certificate. All Certificates have to be issued by the Cuban consul in the country of origin. Any pet will be quarantined (free of charge) for a period no longer than 2 weeks.
Cuban citizens with or without permanent residence in Cuba are subjected to some extra regulations which we recommend to check in the Cuban Customs Official website.

If you are travelling to Cuba with equipment or items not mentioned above, due to business or professional purposes, it is recommended to contact the Cuban embassy or consulate in order to get more detailed information. Check the chapter Cuban embassies around the world.

Articles that require an official authorization from Cuban authorities

  • Wireless fax machines, telephone whiteboards, data networking devices, cordless telephones except those operating in the bands 40 - 49 MHz, the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 1 900 MHZ (1.9 GHZ) , wireless microphones and accessories, radio transmitters, radio transceivers, including walkie-talkie, professional radio receivers, ground stations and satellite communications terminals, including satellite dishes and satellite phones (the Ministry of Information and Communications) .
  • Satellite Positioning Systems (SPS, GPS) used for the determination of geographical coordinates on a point, hydrographic and geodetic purposes (National Office of Hydrography and Geodesy).
  • Biological and pharmaceutical products of animal origin and veterinary use, according to regulations of health and veterinary authorities (see details at: .
  • Copies of the flora and fauna or their remains, in any form, according to the regulations of health and veterinary authorities.
  • Food do not comply with the requirements of regulations and veterinary health authorities (see details at:
  • Multiple representative works of Cuban and foreign artists and issued by the Ministry of Culture.
  • Live animals, plants and their parts and products of animal and plant, which are subjected to inspection and authorization of the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Fire arms and ammunition require authorization of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Species protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, must possess a license issued by the Competent Authority (CITES permit).

Prohibited Items

  • All type of fresh animal or vegetable products (unless prior approval from Cuban Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances (unless those for personal use and provided holding medical prescription)
  • All type of hemoderivates
  • All type of explosives, fire arms and ammunition (unless prior authorization from the Cuban Ministry of Interior).
  • All type of obscene and pornographic material
  • Any kind of material that could go against public order or national interest.
  • Electric items like:
    • Freezers with a capacity exceeding seven cubic feet,
    • Air conditioners,
    • Any type or model of electric accumulators and heating/cooking plates,
    • Any type of electric and microwave ovens,
    • Any type or size of frying pans,
    • Any type of water heaters and electric showers,
    • Any type of irons and toasters.
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