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Currency Exchange HouseThey are allocated all over the country and are in most of the cases, the best money exchange option. Some times there are long lines to exchange money, because theses offices are used by locals to buy CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) with CUP (Cuban National Pesos) or the opposite.

You can exchange few CUC to CUP at CADECA if you are planning to use local transportation, buy products at fruit markets or simply try local snacks at the street cafeterias or kiosks.

Note: the exchange rate between Cuban Pesos (CUP) and Pesos Convertibles (CUC) is around 24 CUP for 1 CUC.

Services provided by CADECA

  • Currency exchange between international currencies and CUC (Cuban Pesos Convertibles)
  • Currency exchange between CUC (Cuban Pesos Convertibles) and CUP (Cuban Pesos)
  • Money withdraw from credit cards 
  • To cash traveller checks
  • When you withdraw CUC in CADECA, the local bank will charge you the equivalent amount in USD, based in the exchange rate between CUC and USD. And will charge you around 4% and 5% in commission fee, besides of your own bank commissions.

American Dollar USD
British Pound GBP
Canadian Dollar CAD
Convertible Cuban Peso CUC
Euro EUR
Japanese Yen JPY
Swiss Franc CHF

If you are travelling with:

  • Norwegian krone
  • Swedish krone
  • Mexican Peso
  • Danish krone

We do recommend exchanging money at Banco Financiero Internacional BFI offices.

Check more information about Banco Finanaciero Internacional (BFI) at the chapter Bank

Check our section  CADECA's offices location to get detailed information about the closest CADECA offices in your destination in Cuba. 

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