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The Cuban rum is one of the most known all over the world because of its unique and exquisite taste and exclusive quality.

Cuba produces many different types and brands of rum that have different flavours, colours and alcohol degree. The most famous of them is Havana Club, which has become a symbol of Cuba all over the world.

To get more information about Havana Club Rum, you can visit the web page or visit the Havana Club Foundation in Havana.

Havana Club Foundation and Museum of the Rum Havana Club
Location: Avenida del Puerto # 262, esquina Sol, Habana Vieja, Havana City.
Tel: (+537) 8618051 / 8624108
Fax: (+537) 8621825

Where to buy Rum

Rum can be bought in many different type of “dollar shops “(shops where you have to pay with CUC), some state owned souvenir shops, some cigar shops and hotel shops all over Cuba. We do not recommend buying bottles of rum from the people that offer it to tourists on the streets, because most of the time they sell fake products.

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