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Cuban Fauna

Cuba has a great variety of tropical vegetation with 6000 species of plants (51 % endemic), that gives a great colouring to the landscape. Palm trees are predominant in Cuba with more than 30 species of which the Royal Palm has around 70 million samples. Other autochthonous floral species are the mahogany, ebony, lignum vitae, poplar, logwood, rosewood, cedar, basswood, passion flower and jaguey.

The fauna of this Antillean Island is abundant and varied. There are 54 species of mammals, 359 of birds, 106 of reptiles, 42 of amphibians, 1400 of molluscs, 1700 of insects, 1200 of arachnids. In Cuba, you can find one of the smallest birds of the world: the zunzún with 63 mm long, and the smallest toad with only 12 mm of size. Only two earthly mammals are identified as native; and they are called jutia and almiqui.

At the Cuban archipelago sea waters live more than 700 species of fish and crustaceans, and the most abundant are craw fish, crabs, robalo, ronco, eels and tunas.

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