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In Cuba there are two main types of accommodations, Hotels owned by the government and private houses (casas particulares) that are apartments and houses who are rented out by people with a legal permission from the government.

Hotels and hostels
Hotels are usually more expensive than the private accommodations, but the standard is also usually higher at the hotels and the access to services is easier.
Very often there is a significant difference between the hotel room price at the reception of the hotel and the price of the room booked through a travel agency in advanced, and the“reception prices” can be extremely high.

Private accommodations
If you are interested in staying in private accommodations it is very important to choose a place that has legal permission to rent out to tourist, in order to avoid what can be uncomfortable situations and potential problems.
In most of the private accommodations the owners offer to make breakfast, lunch or dinner for the guest, so it is important to know that the price for these meals are not included in the price of the rent. The drinks and meals that you get at these houses must be paid apart, so don’t get surprised if at the end you get extra charge because of that. The best is to agree with the owner of the place if you want to eat or not, what do you want to eat or drink and how much do you have to pay for it. Everything has to be paid in CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos).
The standard price of a room at a private accommodation is around 30 CUC per night/ per room. But some places with higher comfort standard, more space, or special location; have higher rates.