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Travelling to Cuba in your private boat

It is possible to travel to Cuba in your private boat and have access to the country if you follow the established regulations.

  • Get in contact with the port authorities before you enter the jurisdictional water (12 nautical miles from the insular platform) 
    - HF (SSB) 2760 of the National Coastal Network or 2790 of the Tourist Network 
    - VHF, channel 68 for the National Coastal Network or 16 for the Tourist Network.
  • It is not allowed to bring illegal drugs, pornography, political propaganda, no authorized weapons and other illegal substances and objects.
  • Get into the country through the authorized ports or marines.
  • At your arrival to the Marina you have to pass the Inmigration and Costums controls.

Port authorities will ask you for the following information:
- name of yacht
- flag
- port of registry
- last port of call
- port of arrival
- estimated time of arrival (ETA)
- type of craft
- colour of craft
- number of persons on board

You must follow the instructions given by the port authorities and remain on board until all legal formalities are concluded. Each crew member must have a valid passport and tourist card.

To get more detailed information about the ports and marines you can use if you are travelling to Cuba in your private boat, check our section Authorized port and Marines to travel with your private boat.

Customs regulations you should know when you arrive to the country;