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With the growing ticket demand, the number of airlines flying to Cuba has also increased the last years. This growth includes airlines with regular routes, charters and even low cost airlines. The number of airports with direct international connections in Cuba has also grown and today there are direct international flights to Havana, Varadero, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo.
All these places are the main tourist destinations in Cuba and the possibility to flight direct to all of them gives you the opportunity to choose among several options without using extra time travelling by bus from Havana.
It is important to mention that some few of the airlines do not give the possibility to book the tickets online from their website. It should be done via the phone number shown at the website or at travel agencies.

Airports in Cuba have strict control routines over passengers and luggage, so you should be prepared to wait on a queue to cross the customs and some waiting time to get your luggage.
It happens especially if your flight is arriving at the same time as other flights with a large number of passengers.

 Custom regulations you should know when you arrive to the country 

Coming to Cuba in a private plane
If you plan to fly to Cuba on a private plane, you must send an operational request for approval of your flight plan in a telex addressed to the:

Regimen de Vuelos de Aeronautica Civil de Cuba, La Habana
Telex: 51727 ACVCU
Aeronautica Civil de Cuba (The information in the website is only in Spanish)

In the request, you must specify:

-whether the plane is private
-the type of aircraft
-registration number and class
-starting point
-pilot’s name
-expected date, place and time of arrival
-objective of the trip.