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The main attractions in Cuba are its Tropical Climate, the beauty of its nature, its worldwide known culture and its rich and unique history.

Visiting Cuba will be an opportunity to visit a very special place in today’s world, due its unique history and culture.

Cuba is not a classic Caribbean destination where you travel to enjoy a five star service at a luxury resort. Due to the US embargo and severe economic difficulties, there is a lack of products that maybe you are used to take for granted.

The tourism industry in Cuba has not the long history of development as in many other Caribbean destinations, and you could notice it in the quality of the services and infrastructure development. But at the same time, it makes this destination an untouch paradise to be discovered. And you are welcome to do it!

Key elements during your stay in Cuba:

  • Be open minded and ready to experience a new culture.
  • Be patient and take things easy.
  • Be ready to dance, laugh and make new friends ☺

Cuba is like a woman that does not have expensive clothes and jewels to show, but does have a great soul and heart to share with everybody who gets to know her.