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Free export

  • Goods and souveniers up to the equivalent of 1000 US Dollars.
  • Personal items
  • The articles and items temporarily imported and accredited with the document made by the customs at passengers arrival.
  • Up to 100 CUP (National Pesos) and 200 CUC (Convertible Pesos).
  • Up to 20 twisted loose snuff,without presenting any document.
  • Up to 50 cigars contained in original packaging and with the official hologram.
  • Items purchased legally in the country, in reasonable quantities that not indicate a business purpose and are not subjected to regulation, or requiring a permit or authorization for submission to Customs.
  • Up to 5 bottles of alcoholic beverages (for travelers over 18 years old.)
  • The export of craftwork objects does not’t require any kind of documentation.
  • Less than 3 units of the same drug (medicine), produced in Cuba.

Export subject to declaration

  • The travellers carrying with more than 50 (units) cigars and not exceeding the equivalent value of 5 000 CUC must submit official sales invoice issued by the authorized stores. The cigars must be contained in the original packaging, unopened and sealed with the official hologram.
  • Any article or derivative of endangered species requires a permit from CITES (
  • The export of protected art goods and antiques require the documentation from the institution that allows taking them out of the country.
  • It is not allowed to take out of the country flora and fauna species, without the documentation from the Cuban institutions that gives the permission to do it
  • Travellers that are going to export more than 3 units of the same drug, produced in Cuba, must have a certification from a Health Center or the corresponding Official Invoice.
  • Travellers that are going to export more than 100 CUP (National Pesos) and 200 CUC (Convertible Pesos), must have an authorization from the Central Bank of Cuba.

Prohibited exports

  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic drugs or hallucinogens
  • Explosives
  • Derivatives
  • Obscene or pornographic literature and articles or other issue violating the general interests of the nation.
  • Declared cultural property of the National Cultural Heritage 
  • Books, manuscripts, incunabula (published between 1440 and 1500)
  • Books, brochures and foreign serials printed in the sixteenth to the eighteenth and Cuban publications of the eighteenth century
  • Lobster, in any amount and form of presentation 
  • Philatelic and numismatic collections
  • Objects of precious metals and stones
  • Fire arms and ammunitions

Important note: Passport is the only official travel ID accepted by the Cuban Customs.

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