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The metropolitan or local buses must be paid in CUP, and the ticket cost is between 20 and 40 cents.

These buses are usually crowded and they have a low and unstable frequency. If you decide to use it, be aware of a long queue of people waiting for the bus and the uncertainty of how long time you have to wait for the bus.
Metrobus are special line of metropolitan buses that cover the main routes in big cities like Havana at the ticket cost of 20 cents (CUP) Some years ago Metrobus was using big trucks with trailers built for people transportation, known as “Camellos” (Camels). But the last years, these trucks have been changed for long buses imported from China.

If you are interested in the experience of taking a local bus, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. When you arrive to the bus stop, ask for the last person in the line. (Quién es el último?). It means (who is the last one in the line)
  2. When you know who the last person on the line is, say to this person that you will be behind him/ her on the line (Voy detrás de ti
  3. Then ask this person who is before him/ her on the line, just to know which person to follow in case the one before you decides to leave. (Detrás de quién usted va?)
  4. We recommend you to take care of your belongings on board of the bus.
  5. Have coins for the bus ticket ready before you take the bus.
  6. When you decide to leave the bus, move yourself as close as possible to the door before the bus arrives to the bus stop. If the bus is so crowded that is difficult to move towards the door, you can say “Permiso por favor”, which means “excuse me”.
  7. Be prepared for a very crowded bus in the Cuban tropical climate.

Note. We will appreciate a lot if you share your experience with us, sending us an email or writing in our Forum.
In the mountain areas, the local transport system is mainly covered by old American private trucks and/ or old Russian state owned trucks. Do not get surprised if you as a foreign visitor get charged with a price much higher than the normal one.

In some parts of the country, especially rural areas and small villages, it is not allowed for tourists and foreigners to use the transportation system for the local population.

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