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Music is one of the biggest symbols of Cuba all over the world and because of its authenticity, originality and quality; it has been at the top of the popularity in many countries.
The Cuban music is a product of the mix between different cultures, mainly African brought by the African slaves and European brought by the Spanish conquers.
The Cuban music is composed by different style of music played with a wide diversity of instruments.

Some of these styles of music are:

  • Salsa cubana
  • Mambo
  • Musica Campesina
  • Jazz
  • Conga
  • Changüi
  • Guajira
  • Son
  • Charanga
  • Rumba
  • Timba
  • Trova
  • Pilón
  • Guaracha
  • Descarga

If you are interested in more information about Cuban music you can check the following link: Cuban Music

In Cuba you can find several shops where it is possible to buy CD’s from different Cuban music bands, music instruments made in Cuba, posters and other type of product related to the music. In Havana and other big cities you can also find in some places, people who sell homeburned CD’s, at much lower price than the official stores. Usually the quality is not so bad, but there is always the risk that they do not have any guarantee.

Check our section Music shops locations to get detailed information about the closest Music shops in your destination in Cuba. 

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