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If you are planning to travel outside of Havana and visit different places without being in a tourist guided tour, the best way to do it is by renting a car.

The car rental agencies are local, state owned companies with offices in the most important cities and tourist areas all over the country.  The offer of these agencies is composed by modern vehicles imported mostly from Japan, Korea and Western European countries.

It is important to know that these companies are not exempt of problems to import spare parts for the vehicles, so sometimes it can happen that they do not cover the standards expected by some visitors. But generally the cars are in good condition.

We recommend that before you start to drive, check the car and  report to the agency all the visible damages on lights, windscreen, tires and other parts. And when you start to drive if you notice any mechanical failure, go back to the agency and report it immediately.

In order to rent a car in Cuba, you have to be more than 21 years old and have a valid driving license from your country.

 When you rent a car you have to pay an insurance deposit which is refundable when you returned the car undamaged.

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