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In Cuba all the taxis operate under one company called Cubataxi, although there are different types of services.

  • Airport taxis 
  • City taxis standard  ( yellow cars)
  • City taxis ecomonic (white cars)
  • Hotel taxis at 4 and 5 stars hotels.(operate mainly  with Mecedez Benz cars)
  • Transfer services in minibus.
  • Classic cars from the 50’s (Gran Car)
  • Coco Taxi (yellow scooter rickshaws)  
  • Special local service (provides services to the locals in CUP ) 

Taxi Services

Type of Service City Tariff per km (less than 50 km ) Long distance tariff per km (more than 50 km ) one way Long distance tariff per km (more than 50 km ) round trip
Aiport taxi 0.76 CUC  0.50 CUC 0.45 CUC
City taxi standard 0.56 CUC 0.50 CUC 0.45 CUC
City taxi economic 0.45CUC 0.43 CUC 0.39 CUC
Hotel taxi 0.80 CUC    
Classic (gran car)      
Scooter (cocotaxi)      
Minibus (less tha 4 passengers) 0.76 CUC 0.50 CUC 0.45 CUC
Minibus (more than 4 passengers) 1.00 CUC 0.85 CUC 0.80 CUC

All these taxis use taximeter with a tariff per km. It is very important to check that the driver set on the taximeter when you start the trip with the taxi. Sometimes the driver will try to negotiate with you the price of the trip in order to turn off the taximeter although is illegal.

Here we will give a picture of the average cost of a taxi trip on the main tourist routes in Havana.


  • Vedado - Habana Vieja (Old Havana) - approximately 5 CUC
  • Vedado – Playas Del Este – approximately 15 CUC
  • Habana Vieja – Playas Del Este – approximately 10 CUC 
  • Aeropuerto -Vedado – approximately 20 CUC 
  • Vedado- Miramar approximately between 2 CUC and 6 CUC (depending where you are going in Miramar)

Tel: 855 55 55

Gran car

This service gives you the unique opportunity to travel around the city in a classic American car from the 50’s. 
Tel: 881 85 49

Note: These are classic cars owned a state company and provide a different type of service than the ones who works as private taxis on the main routes in the city.


They are small motorcycle with a yellow and round plastic cabin (yellow scooter rickshaws) that drive mainly between Old Havana and Vedado using the popular street along the shore known as Malecon. Visitors use it because it is a different and a cheaper way of travelling along this popular avenue that has the most fantastic views in Havana.

It is an opportunity to try something unique that has become an attraction in Havana, but do not expect much comfort.

Private taxis 

Most of these private taxis are the popular old American cars owned by local people who have a special permit from the government to give taxi service to the local population. The price of the trip is much cheaper than the government taxi companies, so there are rules that prohibit the use of these taxis by foreign visitors. 
 Most of these private taxis, have a permanent route like for example Old Havana – Vedado, Vedado – Playa, Old Havana-.Miramar, Old Havana – Alamar, Old Havana Playas del Este, and they use the most important avenues on their  journeys.  Sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable to travel with them because the drivers try to pick up as many people as possible in order to make the trip more profitable.

If you are interested in taking one of these taxis, do it  inside of the Havana city   in a route like Old Havana –Vedado, because it will give you a higher chance of finding a driver that will accept  to pick up a foreign visitor.
We recommend not trying to take these private taxis to the way to the beach because due to strict controls most of the drivers will refuse to drive you. These who will accept to do it, will charge you with a price much higher than the normal rate. 
A trip in these taxis is charged in CUP (Cuban Pesos), and the prices are between 10 CUP and 20 CUP per person, depending on the travelled distance.

These types of taxis do not have taximeter so they have a fixed price for the different routes.

Prices of the most popular routes
Habana vieja --- Playa 20 CUP
Habana Vieja --- Miramar 20 CUP
Habana Vieja--- Playa del Este 20 CUP
Habana Vieja--- Alamar 20 CUP
Parque la Fraternidad --- 100 y Boyeros 15 CUP
Parque la Fraternidad --- Rancho Boyeros 20 CUP
Parque de la Fraternidad --- Stgo. de las Vega 20 CUP

Remember that foreign visitors are not allowed to take this type of transportation, so it can happen that the drivers will charge you with higher price to compensate the risk.

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