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If you plan to travel in summer, just bring with you light and informal clothing in light colors in accordance with the average warm temperatures and high humidity during these months.

In any case, you could also bring something more formal and elegant for some visits or walks that require it. If, however, you decide to visit the island in the months of December, January or February, the coldest of the year, it is always advisable to bring also a sweater or light jacket, since temperatures rarely fall much, or for long periods . If you chose an eco-tourism and nature vacation, we recommend to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for long walks and rustic trails, and always bring mosquito repellent. If instead, your choice is to enjoy the sun and our wonderful beaches, do not forget your bathing suit, dark glasses and solar control high factor cream and after-sun products for better protection. Although in any case, many of these things can be also found in the island. If you wear contact lenses, we recommend you to bring all the products and materials you will need during your stay in Cuba, and some extra if possible.

To deal with any health situation, it would be useful to bring with you also :

• Anti-diarrhoea
• Some type of antibiotics recommended by a specialist.
• Re-hydrating medicines
• Anti-inflammatory
• Analgesic
• Anti- allergic medicines (In case you need it)
• Repellent (especially against mosquitoes)
• Water purifier
• If you use eye contact lenses, we recommend you to bring all you will need during your stay in Cuba, and some extras if it is possible.
• If you need to travel with syringes or needles, we recommend you to bring with you a letter documenting their medical necessity.

Other Travel Tips