TeachMe! German Review

TeachMe! German is a good option if you don’t have the time or desire to attend evening classes or college to learn German. It does not have to be unaffordable or overly time consuming to learn a new language and TeachMe! German proves that at a cost of under $50. It is said that it only takes around 2 months to acquire enough German skills to be able to participate in conversation by learning with TeachMe! German and I’d have to agree; it is an intuitive system that covers the basics well. TeachMe! German is a great multimedia package consisting of a software CDROM, audio CD plus a book of stories that help you put your new abilities into practice by creating stories using a drag and drop interface.

What Will I Learn With TeachMe! German?

You will be able to sharpen your skills in German grammar and vocabulary. In addition to that, TeachMe! German encourages the perfection of your German pronunciation through exercises and voice recognition.

Each lesson has a clear grammar explanation so you can completely understand the context of the lesson as you complete it. You will find 10 levels of grammar and vocab exercises and you are automatically moved up the levels thanks to the AutoLearn feature.

The only downside to this software is that you don’t get the opportunity to participate in a real one on one German conversation as is the case with some other products, but this is not a feature that is expected for under $50. The goal of TeachMe! German is to teach you the basics and it does that very well.

Although TeachMe! German is not an advanced course and is not as in depth as some other solutions, you receive a good amount of material for the price. The software combined with the quality audio CD means that your skills will increase fast and you can pace your learning according to your desire and lifestyle. It is exciting to think that in less than 2 months from now you may have gone from knowing nothing about the German language to the stage that you can have a basic German conversation. TeachMe! German will get you there with minimal fuss and at minimal cost.