Top 6 Must-See Places in Belarus

Belarus Main Attractions: Fun Places to Visit

Belarus may be a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, but it is an ideal tourist destination with many amazing places that will forever be etched in your memory. If you are traveling for the first time and have no clue where to start exploring, then here is a list of the top six best places to visit in Belarus.

Pride of Belarus-Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Most areas with unique landscapes and animals have been designated as national parks. While in Belarus, the one place where you can see the largest land mammal, European bison, is the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. While in this park, you have an excellent chance to spot these beasts and see different birds, over 100 tree species, and animals such as a deer, wild horse, beaver, wolf, and many others.

At the entrance is a nature museum where you can learn more about the species that call this park home. The best way to cover most of the area is to hire a bicycle and follow the bike trail. Hiking is another option that makes it easier to spot animals and enjoy the natural scenery. After exploring the natural scenery, you can relax and enjoy a tasty meal at one of the restaurants or cafes at the entrance. The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Braslav Lakes

Endless water, clear blue waters, and several species of birds are what make Braslav lakes so unique and a famous tourist attraction. The lakes were formed thousands of years ago, and Volos Yuzhny, which is around 40 meters deep, is considered the deepest. The water bodies have several species of fish, and endangered birds can also be spotted in the park as well as animals such as gulls, swans, and black storks.

Brest Fortress

On the southwestern side of Belarus lies the popular Brest Fortress. It is also known as the Hero Fortress for the courage that the Soviet soldiers demonstrated against the German army. The Brest played a significant role in World War 2 hence has a rich history. For the local people, this historical site remains a famous symbol of the Soviet resistance. While entering the Fort, you will hear an announcer informing you about the invasion of the German army, which helps to create an authentic experience. Visitors also get to see a monument that depicts the bravery of the soldiers who defended the Fort as well as the White Palace old Orthodox Church and Square of Ceremonies.

What is great about visiting Brest is that guests from some countries are allowed to travel Visa-free. Furthermore, in case of any language barriers, you can ask a local to translate English to Belarusian.

While it can take a whole day to see everything in Brest Fortress, if you stay for a couple of days in the city, there are plenty of places for sightseeing like:

  • The museum of the Railway Equipment
  • St Simeon Orthodox central
  • Berestye Archeological museum
  • Museum of Confiscated Art
  • Sovetskaya Pedestrian Street
  • 1st of May park

The best way to get to the Fort is by car, bus or by walking from the city.

Belarusian Maldives

On a hot summer day, locals and tourists flock to the chalk quarries near Volkovysk, a southwestern town in Belarus. The Belarusian Maldives was formed by mining limestone from which the quarries were later filled with water. The turquoise blue water, wild vegetation, and contrasting white cliffs create a stunning view. Although these pits are recently formed, their scenery and beautiful landscape have made them a popular attraction site.

Nesvizh Castle

If you love to see the diverse architecture, then you need to visit the Nesvizh Castle. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of many attraction sites, including a majestic architecture palace with an eye-catching landscape, parks, a river, and ponds. Apart from having a neo-Gothic architecture, visitors can also participate in various activities such as:

  • Going to the Nesvizh Benedictine monastery
  • Studying the architecture of Corpus Christi Church
  • Walking along the streets of Nesvizh, where you will enjoy magnificent sights.

Antique lovers will also find the Farny Polish Roman Catholic Church fascinating, and Nesvizh City Hall is also rich in history.

Salt therapy in Salihorsk

Be prepared to be amazed by the salt mountains. Although this country lacks natural mountains, the artificial salt elevations formed from mining rock salts more than makeup for it. What’s even more fascinating is that since early the 90s, the locals have been using salt mines to treat diseases as they believe it has a ton of health benefits. You can enjoy the same benefits by visiting the salt mines in Salihorsk. Remember, for you to enjoy visiting all these places, you need to understand the language used. If you find any challenges with that, there are online available translation tools that can be of help to you.

Now that you know all the fun things you can do in Belarus, plan your trip or add it to your bucket list and make memories that you will remember for a long time.