Varieties Of Bicycle Touring in Spain

This article is about spending a holiday in Spain as well as things to do and places to see while there.

Planning To Visit Spain And All Its Culture

European cities seem to have more culture and heritage than any other vacation spots. This is a main reason why so many choose to take European vacations, especially for holidays. Spain, in particular, is a favorite vacation destination for many. You will love the beauty of this country as well as all the culture you’ll experience. Spain has many cities that are quite popular for tourists, but Barcelona and Madrid are the two most popular cities to see for a Holiday in Spain.


Barcelona is a beautiful city that has many things to see and do and places to go. One of the main features in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. No one comes to Barcelona without spending some time at Las Ramblas. You’ll see many tourists as well as locals on this wide street. It’s a very busy street loaded with many cafes, galleries, stores and other attractions. You’ll also see actors performing plays and singing and artists trying to sell their masterpieces. Plan to spend an entire day at Las Ramblas. La Sagrada Familia is a gallery of sorts that’s been under construction since 1882. They are constantly doing work to make it even better than it is now. The main architect of this basilica is Antoni Gaudi.


Madrid is more than just a place to read about in history books or real estate brochures. In addition to being the capital of Spain, it is also the largest city in the country. Not only will you enjoy the daytime here, but they also boast of a very active nightlife. Tourists can always find fun here in this city. During the day time a popular pastime for tourists is bicycle touring. Spain would not be complete if you didn’t see at least one bullfight. Las Ventas, the largest bullring in the world has seats for 25,000 guests. Football is also another popular sport in Madrid. One of the most popular football teams, Real Madrid is located in Madrid.

If you’re interested in visiting some galleries and museums, Madrid has enough to keep you quiet occupied. You’ll see a large variety of art and culture in these many places. Madrid has many fun and memorable places and attractions for tourists and vacationers. They are located very close to each other so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to them. There is a bus or train service to help transport you around the city as well. Learn more article about bicycle touring spain and holiday in spain at his web.